Unmasking the Grand Deception


Extracted from New Dawn No.36 (May-June, 1996) - Reformatted by Kidd 11/2000


Over thirty-five years ago, long before the proliferation of 'channeling' and the 'New Age' boom, the following astonishing message was received by Brother Philip from the Ascended Master Kuthumi:

"I speak strongly because I feel strongly. I am perturbed at the entire situation that is taking place in the United States of America... What is this statement that the United States will be spared? The United States will be submerged, except for a few mountain places on the east and west coasts. Parts of the four states - Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico - will remain. But we will not pursue that for the moment. The United States is the centre for the darkest forces upon the Planet Earth.

"The United Nations must collapse because that which you read from the Nostradamus forces is true. The war lords, the 'International Bankers' will use the United Nations to form their super-government. This will not be. There are no Christ forces in the United Nations. That does not mean that there are not some good people who are in the United Nations. But the organization itself is a centre, using gullible people. I say it is demon controlled and must go down. The Master has said, and it is written in Corinthians by our beloved Paul: 'All forms of authority and power must be put down before I come.' And the United Nations fits that category.

"Everybody wants the New Age, but they want it to be an American New Age, or a British New Age, or a Communistic New Age. I say that all forms of government will collapse. Every seat of government will fall utterly and completely. Every economic system will be eliminated. All forms of authority which are under the direct guidance and tutelage of the Black Dragon will perish.

"This is an important time. It is the time when the Anti-Christ himself will appear, but he will be followed as a Master, perhaps even as the return of The Christ. It will not be easy for people to decide between the Christ and Anti-Christ, because both will appear as angels of Light. Both will be beloved of the people. Many of the elect and the select will make the wrong choice. Only the discerning will know."(1)

The closing years of the twentieth century are witnessing the emergence of a small group of visionaries who warn of the grave danger to human freedom in the rapid moves toward a unified global system. They see in the expansion of supranational institutions like the United Nations the carrying out of diabolical plans that seek to enslave all humanity.

The controversial British lecturer and author David Icke believes the development of this 'New World Order' is part of the strategy of a powerful elite who want to totally dominate the world. This elite, says Icke, exert control through the transnational financial empires and banking families such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. They work behind the scenes through powerful globalist bodies such as the secret Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Royal Institute for International Affairs. This network, explains Icke in his 1994 bestseller Robots' Rebellion, is in effect a world government in the shadows, with a plan to become the official one.(2)

He further warns that many well-meaning people involved with New Age groups ostensibly dedicated to environmental protection, universal consciousness, and global unity, have had many of the ideas of the shadow world government implanted in their thinking.

Shadow World Government?

David Icke, who because of these warnings is unfairly smeared as a 'rightwinger' and 'Nazi', is definitely not the first writer to expose the supranational elitists behind the push for a New World Order.

Authors Vankin and Whalen, in their insightful and objective study of major conspiracy theories, make the point that: "In fact, right-wing or left, suspicions about the New World Order are actually quite rational. The champions of the 'NWO' are indeed a cadre of powerful industrialists, bankers, academics, and politicians who for three quarters of a century have been a gray eminence behind the governance of Britain and America. More to the point, perhaps, they are the governors of the Western world. Call them what you will, they are the 'Establishment.' Through vastly influential organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, these elites formulate tomorrow's public policy today and staff the ship of state with their own."(3)

Where Icke differs from most non-Christian conspiratologists is he posits a metaphysical power behind all the machinations tied up with the 'NWO'. This is what he terms the "Luciferic Consciousness", an "overall name to describe the force which attempts to work through all life forms, human and extraterrestrial, to control the planet."(4) This power manipulates "human behaviour by firing thought patterns into their individual and collective consciousness. These patterns are designed to distort the mental and, especially, emotional levels of our being. This has the effect of closing down the flow of energies, knowledge, and enlightenment between higher and lower selves. This flow has further been affected since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution which has turned many humans into physical as well as mental robots, and caused severe mental and emotional stress."(5)

The question of precisely what fires the will of the wealthy supranational elites seeking to manipulate and control world events, has not escaped the attention of serious students of conspiracies and cover-ups. The late American Professor Revilo P. Oliver, a confirmed atheist, was forced to conclude:

"A theory that a conspiracy has been working consciously for many centuries is not very plausible unless one attributes to them a religious unity. That is tantamount to regarding them as Satanists engaged in the worship and service of supernatural evil. The directors of the conspiracy must see or otherwise directly perceive manifestations which convince them of the existence and power of Lucifer. And since subtle conspirators must be very shrewd men, not likely to be deceived by auto-suggestion, hypnosis, or drugs, we should have to conclude that they probably are in contact with a force of pure evil."(6)

What is generally known as the 'conspiracy theory of history' holds that the world's major political, economic and social developments are not haphazard, they are caused. They are, in fact, planned. The bad conditions we see around us do not just happen. The basic premise being that certain forces, which are not operating in the best interest of all humankind, are guiding world history along predetermined paths. If we accept this, then we are led to conclude that for the last few millennia, history has been secretly and ruthlessly controlled by small groups of self-appointed elites, who themselves function under the influence of negative powers. Powers hostile to mankind's spiritual freedom. Without this conspiracy theory of history, the economic upheavals, major and minor wars, mindless violence, withering of spiritual values and worship of materialism, would mean that we live in an absurd world rapidly going mad for no seeming reason.

Steven Jacobson became convinced of this conspiracy theory of history after years working in the Hollywood film industry, where he witnessed the use of mind control techniques to condition an unsuspecting public. In the audio cassette Mind Control in America, he exposes the groups pushing for world government and documents their use of psychological warfare. Jacobson concludes:

"The public has been deluded about the material aims of a few and the very existence of the hidden rulers who sit at the very pinnacle of power and see themselves as lords of this planet... If the men in leadership positions in the world do not know the objective of life then they are not capable of administering a peaceful society? If however they do know, then what we see happening in the world is the deliberate attempt to undermine the primary objective of life. The missing dimension in world politics is the spiritual dimension. The problems of life cannot be solved by material means. Modern civilization is missing the point of life. Human life is meant for understanding spiritual values. Real knowledge is knowing yourself, what you are, what God is... When men are not governed by God they will be ruled by tyrants.

"The material world is just like a prison. The spirit soul is imprisoned in a material body, which is imprisoned in a material world. We do not belong in this material world. We are spirit souls and belong to the spiritual world... Our present culture would have us debase ourselves and become more and more entangled in materialism so that the path to the spiritual world is blocked. The demonic wish to make this planet a closed system where it cannot function for the purpose it was intended. The material world was created to give man the opportunity to purify himself of his material consciousness. For the aim of life is to go back home, back to God. The demonic cannot go back home until they rid themselves of their demonic mentality and so they wish to make it impossible for anyone else to return home. This is the ultimate goal of psychological warfare. To entangle man in materialism so that he cannot return home back to the Supreme Lord."

Like David Icke, Steven Jacobson is certain that the individuals and secret brotherhoods making up the ruling elites are themselves unconscious tools of a malevolent 'demonic' power. On this point both Icke and Jacobson remarkably parallel the early 'channelled' warnings received by Brother Philip in the 1950s. Writing in ...And the Truth Shall Set You Free, David Icke explains, "A pyramidal structure of human beings has been created under the influence and design of the extraterrestrial Prison Warders and their overall master, the Luciferic Consciousness. They control the human clique at the top of the pyramid, which I have dubbed the Global Elite. These, in turn, manipulate the lower levels of the network, within which you will find most of the major national and global decision-makers in politics, banking, industry, commerce, the media, the military, etc...It is a manipulators' paradise, with most people within it not knowing what they are part of or what the final goal will be."

UFOs, ETs & the New World Order

In his latest books David Icke elaborates on this neglected dimension of the conspiracy theory of history. He argues that both positive and negative extraterrestrials are intimately involved with human evolution. "The Prison Warders, as I will call them, is a symbolic name for the consciousness which took over the planet and delinked humanity, vibrationally and genetically, from our full potential and higher knowledge...The other stream of thinking is represented by those entities and consciousness streams which wish to break through the limitations and disconnections imposed on humanity and the Earth, and to restore freedom of thought and potential. I will call this stream of consciousness the 'Light' or 'Love' vibration."(7) The influence of the 'Prison Warders' is the reason the existence of long-established links between Earth-bound humanity and beings from other dimensions and planets in the Universe has been suppressed for years, says David Icke, by the world's power-broking hierarchy. When ordinary people learn the real role they have to play within a rich and varied cosmic society, rebellion against those who have kept this extraordinary truth from them will, he predicts, be inevitable.

This ET connection brings us back to Brother Philip.

Brother Philip was the pseudonym of George Hunt Williamson (1926-1986), an early UFO 'contactee'. Williamson witnessed George Adamski's famous desert liaison with a 'Venusian' ET in 1952. Along with John McCoy, Williamson co-authored UFOs Confidential, the first book to expose the role of a 'Hidden Empire' of 'International Bankers' in preventing disclosure of the truth about UFOs and ET civilisations.

During the 1950s George Hunt Williamson wrote several books such as Other Tongues Other Flesh, Secret Places of the Lion, The Saucers Speak!, and Road in the Sky. In them we encounter key themes: Yes, UFOs and Space Beings are real. And they can be separated into two camps, those working for the good of humanity ('The Harvesters') and the negative ETs ('The Intruders'). All people on Earth are true space beings whose ancestors came here as the 'Sons of God'. Humanity is passing through a time of planetary turbulence that will eventually lead to a new consciousness and the dawn of a New Golden Age. Furthermore, a shadow world government (e.g. 'International Banking families') controlled by negative ETs is concealing the truth and keeping people Earth-bound in ignorance of their real origins!

Williamson quotes the Bible when identifying the 'evil' ETs. He counsels, "We need not concern ourselves with The Intruders, 'for they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty.' (Revelation 16:14) Isaiah 41:29 says: 'Behold, they are all vanity; their works are nothing: their molten images are wind and confusion.' These are The Intruders!"(8)

Contrast the negative with the positive Harvesters. "These space people originate from many planets and planes and although they are different from one another in spiritual evolvement, they are banded together in an Interplanetary Brotherhood or Confederation of Solar Systems in this area of the Universe. The purpose of this organization is to aid those of us on the planet Earth as the New Age dawns. The Saucers constitute the 'Host' which is the forerunner of the promised 'Second Coming' of the Elder Brother. The ORIGIN of the Saucers, however, is not the important consideration - but their MISSION is!"(9)

Attempting to conclusively establish the origin of UFOs and ETs by searching for material wreckage or 'physical' evidence, would seem to be an endlessly confusing, ultimately futile task. After all, it's their MISSION that counts. George Hunt Williamson's UFOs and ETs, despite all the talk of "Saucers" and "Space Brothers", come from a reality that shares more in common with the heavenly beings of ancient religion, than the twentieth century materialist science of jet propulsion.

Williamson cautions that before the dawn of the New Age, the Earth as we know it will undergo a period of cleansing. Evil must be uncovered to be eliminated. All the deceit and trickery and selfishness of human kind will be aired. "What people on Earth will survive to inherit the New Age? The world population will be reduced greatly. Where there are now thousands there will be tens. But it is not tragic if one loses his or her physical equipment on Earth. Certain souls have evolved to the place where the old Earth can no longer teach them anything; therefore, either they or the Earth must graduate to a higher level. Shortly, the entire Earth will be made new in the new vibratory rate and the advanced souls, or The Remnant, will inherit the kingdom of God on Earth. The other souls, who refused to give up the old order of things, will be taken out of flesh life and will be resettled on other worlds that can give them the lessons they need. So only the good and beautiful is to come to all; there is no retrogression, for all are advancing toward the Father."(10)

Counterfeit New Age

"The present world situation is calculated as never before to arouse expectation of a redeeming supernatural event." - C. G. Jung

Students of hidden history know that everything moves in cycles. These cycles reflect the creative process of the cosmos. The legendary memories of a lost 'Golden Age', found in all earthly cultures, point to a time in the distant past when harmony and balance prevailed. Thule, Lemuria and Atlantis are just some of the names given to now vanished magnificent civilizations that all ended in cataclysms. Atlantis, the arcane records inform us, disintegrated due in large part to the influence wielded by negative powers (ETs?). Violence and injustice, yearning for power, and covetousness are some of the qualities Plato ascribed to the degenerated inhabitants of Atlantis.

After the 'Golden Age' period, humanity fell into a long 'Dark Age', the final phase of which we are only just now entering. A new cosmic cycle, New Golden Age, will begin only after the destruction of the present one.

Aware that this planet is on the brink of a cataclysm not seen since before the dawn of this present cycle, the forces of negativity and slavery are desperately moving to manifest on the physical Earth plane a counterfeit of the coming New Age Kingdom of God. Through their human dupes these 'Prison Warders' want to usher in their New World Order, a hell-on-earth. Their diabolical plan is an abhorrent inversion, a barbarous counterfeit of the divine New Age of Righteousness proclaimed by all the true Prophets and Messengers of Light. This is part of the ultimate deception to keep human beings Earth-bound, trapped within the Luciferic Consciousness.

You might say the 'Prison Warders' know that their time is up, this is why they are planting supremely false ideas in the guise of 'furthering human evolution'. Various New Age movements are thereby duped into believing that supranational bodies like the U.N. are vehicles for a new global era. Could this also explain why the Rockefellers (see New Dawn No.35) and elements in the shadow world government are now actively promoting what Harvard psychiatrist and ET abduction expert Dr. John Mack openly calls "a paradigm war"?

Psychiatrist Mack is crusading for the citizens of the planet to heed the admonition of the ETs and "embrace the Earth". The "apocalyptic images of destruction of the earth" related by ET contactees in therapy, Dr. Mack assures us, represent only what may be.(11) If we can only "shatter the existing paradigm" and accept a New World Order, a new universal consciousness, we can avoid catastrophe. Well may we ask just which ETs is Dr. Mack listening to? Remember the words of the Apocalypse: "Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."(12)

This is how Brother Philip told it: "Upon the horizon Armageddon is shortly to come to pass. The forces of darkness are aligning themselves for the final death throes of darkness upon the Earth."(13)

The reader should be left in no doubt that just as there are secret orders and brotherhoods on Earth under the control of the Forces of Darkness, so too are there networks and communities of the Light. These are The Remnant scattered throughout the planet, working quietly to preserve the ageless Religion of Light and bare witness to the Divine Plan. They are, even now, quietly carrying on their work of healing and teaching. Other small groups, who refuse to cooperate with the world order, are setting up alternative communities and retreats like the Essenes did two thousand years ago. They are most certainly in the world, but not of the world!

Unlike the secret societies and subversive forces who hide their evil intentions so that they may better manipulate the sleeping masses, the Remnant only use concealment as a means of preservation. They were forced underground and into secrecy to avoid extermination at the hands of the servants of the 'Prison Warders'. History testifies to the authentic Light Carriers who, like the Gnostic followers of Yahshua (Jesus) and the Cathars of the Middle Ages, were scattered, persecuted and martyred by Church and State.

The Liberators

It may come as a surprise to some readers to learn that the themes, elaborated by David Icke, Brother Philip and the determined band of latter day visionaries, are definitely not new! While the terminology mirrors our experiences and the 'space age' times in which we live, the fundamental core message is akin to the Cosmic Battle of the Gnostics.

The Greek word gnosis means knowledge and specifically, knowledge of God. This is quite different from knowledge about God found in theology and religious dogmas. It is also distinct from mere belief, or blind faith based on hearsay.

Gnosticism cannot find a better definition than that offered by one of the first century communities specifically calling themselves 'Gnostics', "the beginning of perfection is the knowledge of Man, but absolute perfection is the knowledge of God."

The writings of the early Christian Church Fathers, particularly Clement of Alexandria (150-215) and Origen (185-254), plainly state that the followers of Yahshua (Jesus the Christ) were Gnostics. Clement called the perfect Christian "the gnostic", and the apostle Paul uses the term gnosis in his letters. Philo of Alexandria, who was a contemporary of Yahshua, quoted the word gnosis in biblical texts (Isaiah 11:9, Hosea 6:6, Job 35:16), and frequently used it to describe a specifically mystical kind of knowledge. For the Israelites, "to know" meant "to experience". While there are Gnostics in all ages, it's worth remembering that the communities generally identified as 'Gnostic' flourished exactly two thousand years ago.

The Gnostic message is universally expressed in different symbolic forms and incredibly elaborate cosmologies. Man, the Gnostics taught, is a spiritual being possessing a Divine Spark that has fallen into the world of birth, generation, fate and decay. In a Gnostic Gospel Jesus declares, "Blessed is Man since he existed before he was born. For all things were created, but Man pre-existed."

The American scholar David Fideler explains: "Putting on the rags of mortality, we have descended from the 'Fullness' (Pleroma) of Light, the timeless realm of perfection, and have forgotten our true nature, heritage and birthright. Our existence on earth is a sleep, until some type of call, messenger, or revelation awakens us to the re-cognition of our origin and true nature. This recollection represents the birth of gnosis within."(14)

The Gnostics recognised that the universe is peopled by many different orders of beings, among whom we humans are only 'mere beginners' compared to higher "Heavenly Hosts." The Gnostic scriptures, which survived the fires of religious persecution, speak of seven higher planes or heavens as well as seven lower planes. Terrible powers or forces of negativity called Archons (Prison Warders/The Intruders) act to keep humans Earth-bound and in illusion. He who rules over this world is the Adversary (Luciferic Consciousness/Satan), a being far below the Great God of Light (the Heavenly Father).

Didn't Yahshua (Jesus the Christ) himself say, "Ye are of this world, I am not of this world" (John 8:23); "The prince of this world is judged" (John 11:18); "Ye [His disciples] are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world," "I pray not for the world but for them which Thou hast given me, for they are mine" (John 17:9); "They are not of the world even as I am not of the world" (John 17:16).

Both the Bible and the Gnostic texts refer to angels (messengers) and heavenly beings that act as divine emissaries and helpers of humanity. In the Gnostic Mandaean creation myth the divine creative act is carried out with the aid of angelic helpers. These cosmic entities, whoever they may be, are recognised as real beings whose mode of consciousness is greater than ours. The Gnostics distinguished between the positive emissaries of the higher realm of Light and the negative beings ignorant of the Light. Due to the limitations of Earth-bound humans, helpers of Light are needed to draw us up. Living in the space age, is it that surprising that modern men and women recognise these forces as ETs and 'space brothers' coming in UFOs?

According to the ancient Ginza text of the Mandaeans: "The tribe of souls was transported here from the House of Life." Another verse in the Ginza poses the question: "Who has carried me into captivity away from my place and my abode, from the household of my parents who brought me up? Why did you carry me away from my abode into captivity and cast me into the stinking body?"

The Heavenly Father sends emissaries of Light and heavenly beings (positive ETs/The Harvesters) to remind sleeping humanity of their condition, responsibility and potential destiny.

The Gnostic Gospel of Truth declares: "If one has knowledge, he is from above. If he is called, he hears, he answers, and he turns to him who is calling him, and ascends to him. And he knows in what manner he is called....He who is to have knowledge in this manner knows where he comes from and where he is going. He knows as one who having become drunk has turned away from his drunkenness, (and) having returned to himself, has set right what are his own."

"The God of Light," proclaims an early Gnostic Manichaean text, "is without beginning." He sent His Word (Logos) into the universe to create this earth, the moon, the sun, the planets, and the Primordial Man. This Man was imprisoned in the nether world by the Prince of Darkness. A Manichaean writer told how Satan had actually attempted "to remove God from His position." In order to curb the power of Darkness, the God of Light "sent the power which we call the soul into matter." When this is removed or rises above it, matter dies.

The God of Light was thus drawn into a long conflict with the Prince of Darkness, who, now in control of the nether universe, seeks to retain his power over the light which he had imprisoned. In due course, the God of Light sent His Word, the Christ, to accomplish the redemption of the Elect. The Manichaeans, wrote Archelaus, taught that "the living Father...sent His own beloved Son", who "transformed Himself into the likeness of a man."

The Path of the Gnostics is the Way of Awakening and Liberation. "We know," states a Manichaean text, "what is said to have been before there was earth and heaven; we know why God and Satan fought, how Light and Darkness mingled, and who is said to have created earth and heaven; we know further why eventually earth and heaven shall pass away, and how Light and Darkness shall be separated from each other, and what shall happen thereafter."

The Gnostic always looks beyond the temporal and symbolic to the things that are unseen and timeless. This is how we discern the Cosmic Battle between the forces of the Heavenly Father and those of the Adversary. The struggle between the Light and the Dark, which precedes all Earthly struggles. 'As above, so below'.

"I am the voice of Awakening in the eternal night" proclaims a Gnostic hymn. Men and women with 'ears to hear' are stirring from the numbness of life in the world. These 'strangers and pilgrims' are renouncing the world and all that binds them to it. They respond to the Call to Awake, realising that to be children of the living Heavenly Father is to be free from society and not bound by its values.

"The Gnostics saw themselves as rebels, misfits in a malign system on a cosmic scale. And like rebels in society they felt compelled to act provocatively, to express their inability to submit and to attract others away from the system's stranglehold. They deliberately set about standing everything on its head, inverting all standards, beliefs and preconceptions."(15)

Behind all the mundane conspiracies and cover-ups in the world there is a vast cosmic conspiracy. Ultimately the conspiracy view of history aims to unveil the source of human suffering and pain. Conspiratologists search for the unity behind the mask of apparent complexity. They struggle to pinpoint and clarify those elements that poison the lifestream of history. The Gnostics have already unmasked the grand charade and exposed the ignorant 'god of this world', along with his Earthly dupes. They urge us to escape from the trap of the world order and open our eyes to the higher level of transcendence. As the eminent historian of ideas James Webb put it, "It follows that if the world takes any notice of the Gnostic, it will be horrified."

We must be reawakened to our true origin, where we come from, how we became bound on this plane, and how we can achieve liberation. Can we decode this ancient Gnostic message in today's language of ETs and UFOs? Only then will we appreciate the words, "lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh". For we will know the meaning of the Gnostic hymn:

Abandon sleep, awake, behold the light Which is drawn near. He has come to the world! All the sons of darkness hide. The light is come, and near [is] the dawn! Arise brethren, give praise! We shall forget the dark night.


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